Damo TV Footage

Video report on which appeared on Fox Sports news


Also a video from The Brisbane Times

goto http://media.brisbanetimes.com.au/

Click on "Sport" then "Go Aussie Go" and then scroll across to "Damon Kelly 6 meals a day"

Brisbane Crossfit Games

Some Squad Members competed at the Brisbane Crossfit Games this Saturday

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Joseph and Damien competed in the Open section
and Angie and Miles competed in the Novice Section
Matt did 30 Power Snatches for time
and also the Open Strength workout

Matt won the Open Strength Workout
Angie won the female novice Strength workout
and Miles tied for first place in the Novice Burpee Challenge

The Open Met Con Workout was Nasty Girls
3 Rounds of
50 bodyweight squats
7 ring muscle ups
10 Reps of 60kg Power Cleans from hang

The Novice Met Con Workout was
3 Rounds of
30 Squats
20 Dumbell swings 10/8kg Men /Women
20/10 Pushups Men/Women
30 Situps

This was followed by the strength workout

Bodyweight Snatch Squats - max reps

50% bodyweight dumbell Thrusters

And to finish the Burpee challenge

1 min rounds of Burpees with the number of Burpees in each round increasing
in each minute, ed round 1 has 1 burpee round 2 has 2 round 3 has 3 etc
until say you get to 16 burpees in a minute and you cannot complete
them all in 1 minute

Damien completed in 14.30?
and Joseph just could not do the last muscle up required to finish

Miles did the MetCon in 11.33?
and Angie 10.33?

On the Strength Miles did 15Kg Dumbells - 7 reps
and Angie did 15Kg Dumbells - 4 reps

Damien did no bodyweight snatch squats
Joseph did i think 2 or 3
and Matt i think 7 or 8

It was a great day!

Olympics - Damo and Miles Travel Dates

Damo's last day in the Gym before the Olympics will be Tues 2nd August
I think he will be back in the country on the 25th

He lifts on Tues 19th August at 17.30 or 19.00 Australian Time - depending on what session he lifts in.

His Olympic Games Team bio is here

I leave on the 13th August - last Coaching Session Tues 12th August and return on Friday
22nd August - but will be coaching at the USQ Club Comp that evening

Olympic Games Training Hall


Photo of Olympic Games Training Hall