Qld State Championships – a great 2 days of lifting


It was just a great State championships with lots of close battles and some awesome lifting !!

Maria Barter Gold 53  – PB Snatch and Total
Georgia Gaffney 58 Gold Junior Bronze Senior  – PB Snatch, CJ and Total by 7kg
Tia-Clair Toomey Gold 63  – PB Snatch and Total
Leanne Knox Silver 63
Nanda Stoltz Gold 69  – PB Snatch, CJ and Total by 13kg
Ebony Gorincu Silver 69 – PB Snatch, CJ and Total by 4kg
Emma Zawila 69 Gold Junior Bronze Senior PB Snatch
Lydia Jayne Olsen Gold Junior 75 – PB Snatch, CJ and Total by 6kg
Lucy Graham Gold 75+

Best Junior Female – Georgia Gaffney


Harrison Gaffney Gold Junior
James Norman 69 Gold – PB CJ
Josh Mak 69 Silver Junior  – PB CJ and Total by 3
Mitchell Delbridge 85 Silver
Shane Orr 85 Bronze PB CJ and Total by 6
Luke Gardner 94 Gold
Liam Hadfield Bronze 105 PB Snatch and Total by 3
Damon Kelly Gold 105+
Jackson Solofa Silver 105+ – PB Snatch, CJ and Total by 11kg

Best  Senior Male – Damon Kelly

Full Results



Thank you Brisbane Barbell for the great photos !



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World Juniors and National Masters

Congratulations to James Norman 69Kg who at his first World Juniors in Poland did  6/6 lifts and
PB Snatch 103 by 1kg
PB Clean and Jerk of 135kg by 5kg
PB Total by 6.

Its a mark of his character how James has come back from a flat period in his career to pull out such a performance on the world stage.

Great photos by  Gregor Winter http://gregorwinter.com/blog/ (All Things Gym) http://www.allthingsgym.com/

11402348_967589289942257_2915127983474043028_o (1) 11411671_967590933275426_8851009650494605744_o




National Masters

Congratulations  Leanne Knox who at the National Masters won a gold in the 40 to 44 category and was best lifter in the 40-45 category and overall best female lifter of the event !!
She now leads the Nationals masters rankings which contains an impressive number of QLD athletes – Also thank you to Linz and Jenny  who did a great job with the coaching in what can be a VERY hard coaching gig !



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Crossfit Pacific Regionals 2015



Angie and myself headed to Woolongong to watch Tia and Andrea complete at the 2015 Crossfit Pacific Regionals.
We had great seats right next to the competition area and really enjoyed  watching the individual events.

My heart was in my mouth wondering how Tia and Andrea would go snatching directly after the handstand walk – I was hoping that they had not bitten off too much in their weight selection – but they nailed their 80Kg lifts with Tia doing a “competition PB”. and tied for second place in that event.



I started working with Andrea in 2012,  her Crossfit coach Rudy Nielsen  was very supportive in her working on an weightlifting program and she was unfortunate to miss out on a NZ Commonwealth Games Weightlifting Team slot in 2014.

She did very well at the event and came 8th overall even though her preparation had not been the best and an inner ear issue effected her on some events, she is  one of the unluckiest athletes I have worked with and I hope things turn round for her as she is such and kind and hard working athlete with a great supportive partner – Regan Hams.


My association with Tia started in Oct 2013 after the Again Faster Semper Paratus Comp when I started helping her the technique and weightlifting programming.

After she competed at the Commonwealth Games Trials in 2014 I really felt that it would help if she had a specific experienced Crossfit coach, I suggested a few names and she chose Coach Rx. We all met as a group for the first time at Cougars in 2014 and starting planning along with her partner Shane how we would work together.

After the 2014 Crossfit regionals her niggling back pain started to become really bad and a scan identified a stress fracture in her back.
We got the physio Andrew McGough  to then plan her 12 weeks progress back to full health with CoachRx programming just enough to allow the healing to occur and prevent her going mad with boredom :)

She then starting working on mainly a weightlifting program with some input from CoachRx until the end of 2014 when she made her first Australian Representative spot at the Pacific Cup in New Caledonia.

Then CoachRx took over the programming up to the Regionals with me making a few suggestions on what I would like in it.

As Shane said after her 3rd place at Regionals its been a team effort and it been great to work with CoachRx and Shane and Tia.
Above all its been the huge commitment from Tia  to do the 6h drive from Gladstone for coaching and to give up her shift work job so she could focus on being an athlete.

Without a supportive partner like Shane who also now is a great technique coach I do not think it would have been possible.

July is now going to be a huge month –  she is off to PNG to compete as part of an Australian Olympic Committee Team in the Pacific Games and then a few weeks later off to represent the Pacific region at the Crossfit Games


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James Norman World Junior Championships Selection

At the U15, U17 states in  Toowoomba James Norman did 96,100,102 124,128,130 and did a 9kg PB and 6/6 at 69Kg to do 2kg over the qualifying total to be selected for the World Junior Championships in Poland

He lost 8kg in 6 weeks and took 2 weeks off work to prepare

Thank you to Amie for the diet plan and Rob for warming him up and supporting him in training and a big thank you to all the people that drove up to cheer him on at the comp.

It was great to see all the hard work he put in pay off on the day


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Wow what a busy start to the year !

Its been a while since I posted as its been a super busy start of the year !

JME Round 1
It been great to see the rise in lifting in Qld and this weekend clubs up and down the state were competing in the JME round 1 see full clubs list also Damo has done a great Google Map of affiliated clubs 

The stand our lift to me was Tia doing a 175 total – 247 sinclair at 58 to put her 3rd in Australia on Sinclair  – all done while competing in the Crossfit Opens ! and Leanne doing a B grade total at 63 to place her at the top of the Australian Masters Rankings.

League Round 1

The full results of League round 1 are here
Harry won division 2 ! with a great performance with Sam Downs coming 3rd in Division 3 and Vanessa 3rd in division 4

Arnold International

The Arnold International saw Mary and Mitch compete in their first International Event with a new Luke Gardner in the 85’s

They all snatched very well with Mary getting a PB Snatch and Mitch leading the Australians on Sinclair after the Snatches
The Clean and Jerks did not go so will with some press-out’s and bad luck with wrist straps coming undone
Luke once he stabilizes at this weight will see the lifts return – its a great job he made it to 85 in itself.
All in all they performed very well with Mitch getting a PB total in his first international and 5/6

It was great to see Angie’s lifter Erika win the women’s event with 3 national Records

The event was very well covered by the AWF and the press.





High Performance Coordinator Jacquie White

It was great to catch up with the new High Performance Coordinator Jacquie White this weekend and I am looking forward to working with her this year to help improve the performance of my athletes and my own coaching .



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Next Years Qualifying Standards and Periods

Here are the qualifying standards for next year

2015 AWF Calendar_Qualifying Criteria_141114


Zulfiya Chinshanlo (-53kg, Kazakhstan) setting a new world record with a 133kg clean and jerk

Love the technique here !

Cougars won the JME Clubs competition for the third year in a row !



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Mike Keelan Shield 2014


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JME Round 3

There was some great lifting in JME Round 3


Mary 6/6 and Sinclair now over 200 !
Ebony 16Kg on her total – and some really solid lifts
Jett – new Record on the Clean and Jerk of 40Kg – very gutsy
Sean – C Grade in first comp so off to Nationals
Josh Mak  75,90 at U15 69Kg  6kg PB – great comeback from last week
Mitch 115,145 at 77 and 120 so so close !
Pat – 5Kg on his total – C grade getting close !
Ash great 107 snatch !
Nice to see Regan back again with a 265Kg total
Leon 17Kg PB and so close to qualifying !
Liam also qualified for Nationals with a  16Kg PB
Gareth lifted awesome today 6/6 and 12Kg PB
Vanessa also back on the platform with a 12Kg PB
Leanne Knox 63,79 at 63 – 10Kg PB – shame she cannot go to Nationals !

Please read the following.

The qualifying period for the Queensland Senior Championships is 19th September 2013 – 19th September 2014.
The minimum standard for entry in the Queensland Senior Championships is AWF D Grade.  – but C for Nationals
The qualifying period for the Queensland Junior Championships is 19th September 2013 – 19th September 2014.
The minimum standard for entry in the Queensland Junior Championships is AWF E Grade. – but D for Nationals
Grade Scale here

Here are the AWF qualifying periods


Next few comps
League Round 4 – Gold Coast Sept 13,14
Qld Junior and Senior Cougars –  Oct 4,5
Australian Youth and U15 Tasmania  – Oct 11,12



Thanks to the Fitographer for this great photo when we visited Brisbane Barbell Club last week





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State U15 and U17 Championships Results

State U15 and U17 Championships Results





Love this photo !!


Cougars Photo Movie

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Commonwealth Games


To be honest when I left for this Games I did not really want to go as I thought nothing would be able to top the awesome experience of my first Games in Delhi.
How wrong I was !! – this games was even better but in a different way to Delhi – maybe because this time I was more involved as team coach in everything from the warmups and weight selection and everything in between.

Its was real privilege to be part of the event that starts at the training camp and ends in the 8 continuous days of platform coaching.

I would like to thank the athletes and the coaching and management group of Rob Mitchell Yourik Sarkisian, Anthony Dove and George Chamoun – it was great to work with such a professional and hard working team.
I would also like to thank team Physio Andrew McGough who had his work cut out with the weightlifters over the 3 weeks and Amie Cox who worked so hard with Jenna on her diet plan

2014 Commonwealth Games full Results

Angie’s lifters Tegan (4th) and Erika (4th) performed very well with Tegan putting 8kg on her total as a 48kg and Erika 5Kg on her total

Jessica Edge did 64, 81 and just missed 84 getting 5/6 lifts just 1kg under her qualifying total

The next two days were a roller coaster for me being very disappointed  for Rob (5th) who did 142,183 and then over the moon for
Damo (Bronze) who after suffering multiple injuries this year pulled out 171, 217  a 388 total – his biggest since before the Olympics to get a bronze medal


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